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Assisting to MetalMadrid, Composites y Robomática Madrid!

Today, our team had the honor of attending MetalMadrid, a fair brimming with cutting-edge innovation in the industrial sector. Our main goal was to establish strategic connections to enhance the quality of our inertial actuator versions.

🔍 Focused on Metrology, we aimed to guarantee the highest quality in our products. To this end, we have connected with several leading companies in this field. These interactions are crucial to ensure that our inertial actuators meet the highest standards of precision and efficiency.

🔬 Additionally, we have been in search of professionals specialized in materials. Our goal is to further optimize our inertial actuator by integrating the best and most innovative materials available in the market.

🌾 As for our agro-tech division, we have made significant contacts with leading companies in robotics. These collaborations promise to open new doors for advanced solutions in agricultural technology, thus enhancing our offerings in this vital sector.

🤝 We are excited about the collaboration opportunities and future projects that stem from these meetings. We remain committed to driving innovation and excellence in all our products and services!

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