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Enhancing Agricultural Practices in Cuba: Sugarcane and Tobacco Farming

In a concerted effort to enhance agricultural sustainability and efficiency, Sanzar Group is engaged in a significant project focused on the cultivation of sugarcane and tobacco in Cuba.

Key Insights:

  • Collaboration with AZCUBA and TABACUBA: Sanzar Software has embarked on an inspiring collaboration with industry leaders AZCUBA and TABACUBA, two pivotal entities in Cuba's agriculture sector. Together, we're addressing pressing challenges in sugarcane and tobacco farming.

  • Research Partnerships: In partnership with esteemed research institutions such as GEOCUBA, INICA (Instituto de Investigaciones de la caña del azúcar), and Instituto de Investigaciones del Tabaco, our commitment to innovation is unwavering.

  • International Project to Cut Agrochemical Waste: Our shared goal is to lead an international project that leverages satellite imagery and advanced machine learning tools to significantly reduce the reliance on agrochemical inputs in the cultivation of sugarcane and tobacco.

  • Precision Agriculture at its Core: Emphasizing precision agriculture, our software provides in-depth insights into kg/ha measurements of essential fertilization components, including Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). This precision empowers farmers to optimize resource allocation with unrivaled accuracy.

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