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Sanzar Group and Al Rajhi-El Ferjani: Integrating IoT for Smart Agriculture in Tunisia

Today was a landmark day for Sanzar Group. In the warm lands of Tunisia, we had the privilege to meet with Atef Ferjani, owner of the renowned Al Rajhi-El Ferjani olive oil processing and packaging company, and Ayman Khabou, head of Sanzar Group Tunisie.

Our main goal was to discuss and lay out an innovative collaboration that will blend the tradition of olive cultivation with the advanced technology of the Internet of Things (IoT). This integration aims to revolutionize the process of automatic irrigation and fertigation in Al Rajhi-El Ferjani's intensive olive plantations.

The Fusion of Tradition and Technology

The olive groves, with their rich history and tradition in Tunisia, are set to step into a new era of efficiency and sustainability. Thanks to Sanzar Group's IoT technology, plantations will be able to optimize their water use, minimizing waste and ensuring precise irrigation based on the actual needs of the olive trees.

Fertigation, in turn, will guarantee that trees receive the exact amount of nutrients they require, enhancing plant health and, consequently, the quality of the oil produced.

A Shared Commitment to Sustainability and Excellence

For Sanzar Group, this project embodies our ongoing commitment to sustainability, innovation, and excellence. We are thrilled at the opportunity to work side by side with Al Rajhi-El Ferjani, a company that echoes our vision and passion for elevating agriculture to the next level.

We want to extend our gratitude to Al Rajhi-El Ferjani for their warm welcome and for placing their trust in our expertise and technology. Together, we're confident we will set a new precedent in the world of olive cultivation in Tunisia and, perhaps, globally.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about this exciting project in the near future. The agricultural revolution has begun! 🌱🌍🛰️

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