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Our Use Cases

By using our cutting-edge technology, explore every inch of your terrain with detailed analysis at 30 cm per pixel for informed decision-making.


Precision Agriculture

We help farmers and agribusinesses optimize irrigation and agrochemical use, monitor crop growth, and enhance productivity. Our precise, 30 cm per pixel imagery allows for targeted interventions that not only save costs but also reduce environmental impact, ensuring every square meter of farmland contributes to higher yields and healthier crops.



Our high-resolution satellite imagery and AI analysis provide insurers with detailed, accurate data on property conditions before and after claims. This technology helps in assessing risks, managing claims more efficiently, and detecting fraud by providing clear, undeniable evidence of property damage or changes. Insurers can offer more tailored policies and premiums, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Disaster Management

In disaster management, every second counts. Our satellite imagery and AI capabilities allow for rapid assessment of disaster-impacted areas, aiding in efficient allocation of resources and effective planning of recovery efforts. By analyzing changes in land conditions at a high resolution, emergency response teams can prioritize interventions, understand the extent of damage, and monitor recovery progress, helping save lives and rebuild communities.


Maritime Monitoring

We provide detailed analysis of the sea to detect oil spills, assess port and coastal damages. This critical information supports port authorities, maritime insurers, and environmental agencies in ensuring safe, sustainable, and compliant maritime activities, while actively protecting marine ecosystems.

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