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The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Wayra Telefonica's Director visit iHub La Vega Innova

We at Sanzar are excited to share the details of a momentous event that took place at iHub La Vega Innova, a hub we are proudly affiliated with. In a significant development, we had the honor of hosting Luis Planas, the esteemed Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA), along with his dedicated team. The occasion was further graced by the presence of the Wayra Telefonica team, led by Andrés Saborido, the director of Wayra. This convergence of minds and missions was not just ceremonial; it was a gateway to future innovations and collaborations.

The visit was a golden opportunity for direct engagement with MAPA. We presented our cutting-edge initiative that leverages high-resolution satellite imagery combined with advanced artificial intelligence models for the assessment of risks and damages. This pioneering approach caught the attention of not only the ministry's representatives but also an assembly of entrepreneurs who were present.

Thanks to this significant event, we have embarked on new projects aimed at streamlining operational costs and time for businesses, insurers, and the government alike. However, the benefits extend beyond just the corporate and governmental realms. Farmers stand to gain immensely from our initiatives, which promise enhanced productivity and a reduction in both economic and environmental costs. Our techniques aim to minimize the use of water and agrochemicals, aligning with sustainable agricultural practices.

We are beyond excited about the prospects these new projects offer. They represent a step forward in our commitment to innovation in agriculture, sustainability, and economic efficiency. The visit from Minister Planas and his team, along with Andrés Saborido and the Wayra Telefonica team, has been a catalyst for these opportunities. We are grateful for the connections made and the spotlight it has put on our efforts.

As we move forward, we are filled with anticipation for the positive impact these collaborations will have. Reducing operational costs, saving time, increasing productivity, and enhancing sustainability are not just objectives; they are our promise to the future. We are on the cusp of something truly transformative, and we cannot wait to share the journey with you.

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