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+15% Boost in fertilizer efficiency in Wheat Crop Yields in Paraguay

Client: Agro Susik S.A.


Research Institution: Local Support and Validation - INBIO

On August 15, 2022, Agro Susik S.A., in collaboration with the esteemed research institution INBIO (Local Support and Validation), harnessed the power of Sanzar Fertimeter to revolutionize their wheat farming practices.

Key Achievements:

  • 15% Fertilizer Efficiency Increase: Thanks to Sanzar Fertimeter's precise recommendations, Agro Susik S.A. achieved a remarkable 15% increase in fertilizer efficiency compared to their usual dosage. This optimization not only conserves resources but also slashes costs.

  • 1 Ton per Hectare Production Surge: The implementation of our software resulted in a phenomenal increase of 1 ton of wheat production per hectare. This boost in yields promises higher profitability and food security.

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