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Marco Ruano of Sanzar Discusses AI and Big Data in Precision Farming with Tinku

Recently, Marco Ruano, CEO of Sanzar, was interviewed by Tinku, a business media outlet, to discuss the company's innovative role in precision agriculture and livestock farming utilizing artificial intelligence and big data.

With an extensive background in aeronautical engineering and a notable career at Airbus, Ruano has steered Sanzar towards technological forefront in agriculture. During the interview, he highlighted how the company employs drones and satellites to collect precise crop data, enabling more efficient diagnoses and informed agricultural decisions. This technology not only boosts efficiency and reduces costs but also significantly contributes to environmental sustainability by minimizing fertilizer use.

Sanzar is also involved in projects in South America, particularly in Paraguay, focusing on crops such as soy, wheat, rice, and maize. Ruano emphasized the importance of big data in agriculture, noting that the more data gathered, the better the outcomes and improvements offered to producers.

Finally, he addressed the challenge of introducing new technologies in a traditional sector like agriculture. Although there might be initial resistance, Ruano assures that the tangible benefits and efficiency of Sanzar's technology will convince producers of its value, especially highlighting the precision in fertilizer use for more sustainable agriculture.

For more details on this interview and Sanzar's innovations, you are invited to visit Tinku's website at this link.

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