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Open House Days at La Vega Innova

We are pleased to share that today we had a very interesting day at La Vega Innova, the digital innovation center of MAPA! 🎉

From Sanzar, we attended the presentation of the new study by the Observatory of the Digitalization of the Agri-Food and Rural Sector titled "The Digital Transformation of the Agri-Food Sector as Seen by Its Professionals". Additionally, we had the opportunity to get an in-depth look at this new digital innovation center serving the agri-food sector. 🌾🌐

We would like to extend special thanks to Isabel Bombal Díaz for her invaluable assistance, as well as to all the members of La Vega Innova who organize these important events. 🙌

The day featured participation from prominent representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food, as well as individuals from Grupo Cajamar, agri-business entrepreneurs, and professionals from Telefónica.

The networking has been highly fruitful, and we hope that possible collaborations will emerge, especially for our project on land evaluation using high-resolution satellite images. 🌍📡

Thanks to everyone who made this event possible. We continue to move forward with enthusiasm towards the digitalization of the agri-food sector! 🚀

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