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Sanzar Software applied in Olive: Reducing Costs and Boosting Yields in Tunisia and Spain!

In an ambitious international project, Sanzar Group, in collaboration with IFFCO and IRTA, is spearheading transformative changes in olive farming in Tunisia and Spain. This initiative is poised to reshape olive cultivation, emphasizing sustainability and efficiency.

Key Insights:

  • International Collaboration: Sanzar Software has partnered with IFFCO and IRTA to undertake a groundbreaking project aimed at reducing agrochemical and water waste in olive farming. This collaborative effort underscores our commitment to global agricultural sustainability.

  • Integration of IoT Sensors: Through the incorporation of IoT sensors, our software delivers real-time data on soil conditions, moisture levels, and other critical factors. This data empowers farmers to make informed decisions, optimizing resource utilization.

  • Precision Agriculture Software: Our objective is crystal clear - to develop Precision Agriculture Software tailored explicitly for olive tree cultivation. This software leverages satellite imagery and state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to offer precise recommendations for irrigation and nutrient (fertigation) requirements.

  • Cost Savings and Yield Enhancement: The impact is profound. Farmers can anticipate savings exceeding 30% in production costs while achieving yield increases of more than 10%. Comprehensive insights into the kg/ha of essential fertilization components, such as Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K), are provided, setting a new standard in precision farming.

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