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Slashing Costs by up to $80 per Hectare with Our Software in Paraguayan Soybean Farming!

In Paraguay, agriculture plays a vital role in the economy, with soybean cultivation being a crucial part of agricultural production in the country. However, resource efficiency is essential to ensure long-term sustainability and profitability. This is where our software has proven its worth, significantly contributing to the optimization of fertilizer use in soybean cultivation.

Initial Data:

  • Seed: M-5947 Ipro (Sensitive Variety)

  • Fungicide: TMG 7262 RR (Resistant Variety) (Y/N) (Type): Application on December 23, 2020, for MAZEN FORTE fungicide.

  • Date: January 11, 2021

  • CRIPTON fungicide application (Y/N) (Type)

  • Cover Fertilizer: 4-30-10 ECOP (4% Nitrogen, 30% Potassium, 10% Phosphorus) Quantity: 200 kg/Hectare

Results Thanks to Sanzar Fertimeter Recommendation:

Our software has achieved remarkable results:

  1. 25% Reduction in Fertilizer Dose: Compared to the usual fertilizer dose, our software recommended a 25% reduction, equivalent to 150 kg/ha. This reduction not only optimized resource usage but also reduced associated costs.

  2. Accompanied by Soil Study: To ensure the effectiveness of the fertilizer reduction recommendation, our software included a detailed soil study. This ensured that the fertilizer reduction did not negatively impact crop yield and helped maintain soil health.

  3. Saving 50 kg per Hectare: Thanks to the implementation of our software's recommendation, a significant saving of 50 kg of fertilizer per hectare was achieved. This saving not only reduces input costs for farmers but also contributes to environmental sustainability by minimizing nutrient overload in the soil.

  4. Saving $80 per Hectare: The cost savings on fertilizer translated into a direct economic saving of $80 per hectare. This benefits farmers in terms of profitability and enhances the competitiveness of the agricultural industry in Paraguay.

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